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Conveyance Services


Conveyance is the transfer of ownership (title) of land from a seller to a buyer through a document called a deed because it cannot be transferred otherwise (by a mere contract or sale).

It is voluntary transfer of a right from one living person to another.  It entails property transactions management and advisory services/professionalism.

 A deed is a legal document (instrument) by which an asset owner (the grantor) transfer his or her right of ownership (title) in an asset to another party (the grantee).  To be enforceable, a deed must:

·       State on the face that is a deed.

·       Accurately describe the property which is the subject matter of the deed.

·       Be validly signed (executed) in presence of the prescribed number of witnesses.

·       Be handed over (delivered) to the grantee as a deed. 

Deeds may contain limitations/promises (covenants) which are enforceable even if unwarranted or not supported by a consideration.